The Case for Full Implementation of the Livingston County Transportation Master Plan

Would your family give up one cup of coffee each month to make our county more livable and vibrant by creating a full array of efficient public transportation options?

That’s all it will cost the media value household in Livingston County to fully implement the recently completed master plan of transportation systems and services.

Why do we need better transportation?

Public input to the planning project and three community surveys all indicated that most residents of Livingston County want better public transportation in and around our county, including better and safer routes for walking and biking. Over 10,000 county residents need public transportation to get to work, health care, and other services because of disabilities, addictions, or no access to a reliable auto, and LETS doesn’t currently have the capacity to serve all of them. Also, by 2045 over 40% of our residents will be seniors (58% are over 50 now). In Livingston County 75% of our employed residents commute to work outside of our county, while 60% of our county workforce commute in the county. Only 29% of residents are satisfied with the county’s bicycle and pedestrian systems.

What would full implementation of this plan cost for county residents?

Most of the costs of these systems and services would be paid from state and federal sources, from increased in farebox revenue, and from private sources. If county residents agreed to a very small millage, the cost to individual homeowners would be remarkably low.

  • Millage Rate: 0.23
  • Estimated Home Market Value of:
  • $100,000 = $12 Annual Taxpayer Impact
  • $200,000 = $23 Annual Taxpayer Impact
  • $300,000 = $35 Annual Taxpayer Impact

The Plan is done and it’s up to you to get it implemented. Call or write your county commissioner and tell them that you want a more vibrant, livable county – you want full implementation of the Transportation Master Plan.

Go to or call 517-546-3520 to find your commissioner and contact information